Getting ready to move

Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year. And the last day of the first month of 2014.

If I’m really honest with myself, I’m not having a good start to the year. It’s been a “pulling teeth” start to the year, a year of upheaval. I have to relocate to Hong Kong, but my heart, body and soul are rebelling against it. Yet go, I must. It’s supposedly good for my career. More importantly, I do believe that God is the one moving me there. I just wish I could be more enthusiastic.

I’ve been in Bangkok for 10 years. I’m comfortable and happy in my little pad here that oversees the river. Why in the world would I want to uproot from all that I love here to go to a country where I’d be cramped into half a shoebox for a hideous amount of rent? Yet go, I must.

Two weeks ago, I had a scout visit to Hong Kong. It’s very different looking at the country as a tourist and as a potential resident. All of a sudden, everywhere seemed oppressively crowded and everything seemed horribly dirty. It didn’t help that I viewed more than 20 flats in just three days. And with each flat that I saw, my heart just sank lower and lower, and I was getting resigned to the idea of living in a shabby hamster cage. It also didn’t help that a taxi driver cheated me and gave me the change as 3 Macau Patacas instead of HKD. Granted that they’re almost the same in value and it’s not a lot of money, but I can’t use the darn MOP$ anywhere in Hong Kong.

But God is good, and He always brings about little things that cheer me up. One was a pasta bracelet from my friend’s precocious four-year-old son, who came up to me very shyly and presented it to me despite meeting me for the first time. And his mother didn’t even know he made it for me. I also met many friendly landlords and current tenants (looking for a replacement to take over their lease) who took time to take me around their neighbourhood and answered my questions.

As I grit my teeth and go through this relocation with as much positivity I can muster, I will just continue to thank God for the many small mercies that come my way.

Pasta bracelet

A reminder of God’s goodness


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