Relocating as a single

At a company offsite last week, I was chatting with a colleague about my impending relocation to Hong Kong.

S: “It must be quite easy to relocate as a single.”

Silence… as I try to think of the most gracious answer.

Me: “Well I don’t exactly live in a vacuum.”

Logistically (and financially for the company), it probably is easier to relocate singles. You pay for one airfare instead of say four. And since I don’t have kids, I won’t have to worry about school terms and finding new schools for them.

But is it really easier for the single?

Having been in Bangkok for almost a decade, I’ve built up relationships which are equivalent to my family. When I move to Hong Kong, I can’t bring my “family” with me. I have to literally go to a new city and start afresh. And as an introvert, the thought of having to go out to make friends is just excruciating.

But for couples (with or without children), they face the new surroundings with their best friend and as one unit. If only one of them is working, the other can view apartments in the meantime. But I’ll have to juggle both work and apartment-hunting at the same time.

It’s not that I’m hankering for a life partner now. I just wish people will stop saying that it’s easier for singles to relocate. It’s difficult… for everyone.


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