Last week in Bangkok

You know those kind of questions where people ask you, if you woke up today knowing it’s your last day on Earth, what would you do?

Today I woke up asking myself, this is my last week in Bangkok, what should I do?

What’s certain is that I have to continue to work. Would also be good if I actually started packing, i.e. literally putting things into boxes and suitcases, instead of just planning and thinking about it.

I haven’t really been doing a lot of farewells — had two sort of goodbye gatherings so far. Thing is, I’m moving just two to three hours away by flight. On a bad traffic day in Bangkok, it would take longer to get from the airport into the city. So I’m not really moving that far away. I’m also keeping my apartment in Bangkok. So technically I could come back every weekend if i wanted to/had the money/couldn’t care less about my carbon footprint.

Actually I’m not even really leaving home; I’m just going away on an extended work trip. What a happy delusion.


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