Starry starry night – road trip day 1

It is all quiet except for some busybody insects chirping away. The stars spread across the night sky, and I can see the moon from where I am. Outside, the temperature’s dropping quite quickly as is the norm on mountain tops. It all sounds really romantic… Except that I’m writing from my car. Which I’m sleeping in tonight.

At least I’m comfortably huddled in my fleece-lined trousers, fleece jacket, down jacket and sleeping bag. I learnt my lesson from last year when I had to sleep in the car at Doi Angkhang and I was so miserably cold.

So Khao Khor is a really popular mountain in Petchabun, which explains why all the 10 resorts we contacted were all booked out tonight. Maybe it’s also got to do with us trying to book only two days ago. We thought we’d just drive here and try our luck. If we can’t find anything, we can just sleep in the car, which I prefer to sleeping in a tent anyway.

Khao Khor is the first stop in my 10-day road trip to the North of Thailand. This is my first extended road trip and I’m terribly excited. We’ve done about 500km today and my car, which will be turning 11 years old next week, was a star. Let’s see how it handles the even higher mountains tomorrow. LOL.

There’s a saying at Khao Khor that just staying one night at Khao Khor can extend one’s life by a year. Let’s see if I feel younger tomorrow morning after a night in the car.