English as it is broken

This is going to be a work-in-progress blog. As an editor and writer, i see so many examples of common English mistakes that I thought I should just collect all of them in one place. So here goes.

— they’re and there: You’ll be surprised at how many purportedly native speakers make this boo-boo. Correct example: They’re eating cake. There is cake.

— Put to sleep: Recently saw on my FB newsfeed that someone just put his kid to sleep. Now you can do that if you’re extremely boring and have bored her to sleep, or you are so sick of your kid that you euthanise him/her. The correct term is: put to bed.

— Test drove: Not tested drive. See this all the time.

— Long-service employees: Long-service awards is correct but long-service employees is wrong. Should be long-serving employees.

— its/it’s: This is so simple but seems like lots of pple don’t know it’s = it is.


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